Parse and deep search resumes

Every resume that’s uploaded to ATS gets parsed and its data populated in profiles. This way, resume data becomes something that you can use to filter candidate profiles. Want to pull up a list of developers in your applicant tracking system who’ve worked with Alexa? Piece. Of. Cake.

Work with the hiring team

Get everyone invested on board, right from day one. Your hiring team can participate in the shortlisting process and let their opinion be known through comments and stars. The team will be able to access all the information you have at hand so decisions can be made quickly and the resume screening process, speed up.

Rediscover archived candidates

When you archive candidates to the talent pool, they don’t fall into an applicant tracking system blackhole to never be seen again. Aviahire resurfaces those profiles when new job openings are created with the same job role so you can revisit people who are already familiar with the job and the organization.

Other features

Tag candidates

Manage and maintain candidate lists through tags like “excellent communication skills”. Filter the tag and the candidates will follow.

Connect email to Aviahire

Sync your personal mailbox to Aviahire and make your candidate correspondence available for your entire hiring team to view.

Create and manage tasks

Get things done by creating and managing tasks from your recruiting software. Need someone to remind you to respond to a candidate? Your ATS can do it.

We deliver the Software You need, no more no less

Search your candidate database to rediscover high potential candidates.!