Schedule interviews

Assess candidates by scheduling interviews with panel members in your application tracking system. You can schedule as many interviews as you like with each candidate. Even as you schedule interviews, you can check interviewer’s availability through a Calendar sync and make sure there are no clashes. The best part? You can notify the candidate of the interview, from the same screen, with just another click.

Collect feedback online

Say goodbye to physical debriefings and gather interview feedback from the hiring team, online. This way, you don’t have to waste time trying to get everyone in the same room so they can come to a decision. Another advantage is that you can collect specific, structured feedback from interviewers and not have just open-ended impressions to act on, in your applicant tracking system.

Make and manage offers

Upload offer letter template and generate offers,right from your applicant tracking system.You can also customize offer fields to make sure all the necessary information is getting captured. Candidate decisions- yay or nay - can be recorded in Aviahire as well for complete context regarding a candidate's interaction with a company.

Other features

Check interviewer availability

Pick a time that works for everyone by checking interviewer's availability even as you schedule interviews.

Schedule candidate notifications

You decide when your emails go out. Schedule your interview notification to go out at an appropriate time, instead of when you happen to be working.

Send feedback reminders

You can view a list of which errant panel members haven't submitted feedback for which interviews from your dashboard and remind them, with a click.

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